Scotland Yard is the crime-busting team formed by Dick, Dorothea, Tom Dudgeon, and the three Death and Glories to investigate the crimes and collect evidence to solve the mystery of the casting-off of boats in The Big Six.

Tom said "Coot Club shed's going to be Scotland Yard ... " and Mrs. Dudgeon gets cook to let Scotland Yard have a jug of tea (BS14). Dorothea took down the sign in the Coot Club shed reading "The Coot Club" and wrote "Scotland Yard" on the reverse (BS15).

The six detectives are named "the Big Six" by Tom's mother (BS22); Dorothea explains (BS title page) that this is after a native crimebusting team, the "Big Five".

"It'll be all right in the end." said Dorothea. "Scotland Yard always wins." (BS17)

Native sourceEdit

Scotland Yard was the headquarters of London's Metropolitan Police force (now located at New Scotland Yard).

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