The River Bure is one of the main rivers (with the River Yare) of the Norfolk Broads. It flows down from Wroxham and through Horning. Below Horning are the Wilderness and the Ferry Inn.

The River Ant is a tributory of the River Bure.

At the beginning of Coot Club, Mrs Barrable and the Ds go by boat from Wroxham to Horning and to the TeaselThe boatman says: A good nursery for sailing is the North River and a footnote explains that This is another name for the River Bure (CC2). 

 At the end of The Big Six the Death and Glories go in the Cachalot "down the Bure and up the Thurne" to the Roaring Donkey.

There is a map of the River Bure in Coot Club (CC9). On the map, there is a note by "N.B." saying Navigable waters shaded. Places where people are not allowed to sail are left out of this map.


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