The Native Kraal is a farmhouse on Swallow Island. The farmer is a tall man in corduroy breeches, muddy sea-boots and a rough tweed coat who brings them some fresh milk as he had told the Swallow’s parents he would; though Titty says that that was just to see what we were like. He warns them about them savages (the Eels) (SW6,8).

When they tell the Mastadon that they called the farm a "kraal", Don says that Kraal's a good word. My father's got a kraal too. Over there. He pointed south over the marshes in the direction of Witches Quay (SW8).

There is a farmyard with a cowshed close to the staithe down the canal where the cowman sells them some milk, but it is not referred to as a kraal (SW21).

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