Ling Scar and Grey Screes are two spurs leading off from the summit of Kanchenjunga, and are mentioned frequently in Pigeon Post.

Ling Scar .... the big lump coming down from Kanchenjunga (PP8), and Ling Scar, the long spur of Kanchenjunga that was like an arm flung round the northern side of High Topps (PP24).

The Old Level or Owd Level goes under Ling Scar from High Topps to Slater Bob’s Quarry, until the roof collapses behind the "hurrying moles" (PP24). Slater Bob says Yon end’s not fit .... Born lucky, some folk (PP25). Nancy had said the tunnel we were in is supposed to come out this side, but it isn’t safe any longer (PP8).

In The Picts and the Martyrs Dick remembers the tunnel under Ling Scar and the wooden walls that had collapsed behind them, so that they could not get back (PM24).

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