The folding boat of the Sea Bear was made of wood and canvas, When not in use, its canvas sides collapsed like Captain Flint's accordion. When opened, it made a sort of coracle with pointed bow and stern, and the thwarts that fitted across it kept it from folding again. It will take two at a pinch.

Mac ought to be ashamed of her said Captain Flint. There are perfectly good folding boats to be bought, but he must go and make his own. Says she's quite good for fly-fishing. I’d like to see him get hold of a salmon in her. Nancy said Pull salmon, pull Mac .... I bet the salmon would win (GN14).

The folding boat is used by Dick (GN14), by the Sailor from Pterodactyl (GN28) who capsizes it, and by Dick again to return the eggs (GN29).

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