Coch-y-bonddhu was a sailing dinghy and the model for Scarab; coch-y-bonddhu is the name of a fishing fly. Ransome arranged for her to be built by Crossfields, the Arnside boatbuilders who originally built Swallow. Ransome was fond of her as she was like the old "Swallow", though having a centreboard and case she was more like "Amazon/Mavis". CFT pp 93,94

She was built for his friends the Renolds, but Charles Renold, a keen fisherman, never took to sailing so Ransome used her himself. He sailed her at Pin Mill and in Secret Water and then Coniston Water. She was towed behind “Nancy Blackett" to Hamford Water, and until they got their own dinghy (the "Royal George") was used by George and Josephine Russell. CFT p 186

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