Bunloaf is a favourite food of the Swallows. The Swallows and Amazons have bunloaf and marmalade for pudding (SD3).

After the shipwreck they have sandwiches of bunloaf, marmalade and butter .... thin buttered slices though on the island they had one very thick slice for each explorer and .... put the butter on at the last minute to avoid accidents (SD10).

When settling in, Susan was able to hurry on with the dinner: a good one, hotted pemmican .... and after that the usual bunloaf and marmalade, chocolate and apples. (SD14).

Before the march up Kanchengjunga the Swallows have a breakfast including the usual bunloaf and marmalade (SD22).

A Daily Mail article describes bunloaf as a ", moist, spicy fruit loaf, it is a speciality of the Isle of Man and the Cumbrian coast, and the recipe dates back to the time when these places were the haunts of smugglers who brought in spices and spirits. It is the perfect accompaniment to the sailing adventures set in the Lake District."

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