Bigland is a town beyond the foot of the Lake (ie south). The other fictional town (apart from Rio) in the books is Dundale to the west.

In Swallows and Amazons the Billies have heard talk in the pub at Bigland yonder of what there is in the houseboat to steal. Young Billy says that nobody in these parts would touch the houseboat, but Bigland must be nearby (SA13). Later when John says the Billies had heard something at Bigland, Captain Flint says That’s away beyond the foot of the lake (SA26).

In Swallowdale, old Neddy Swainson says that It’ll be nearer seventy (years) since I brought her up here from the church down by Bigland .. (SD9). Later, there is a hound-trail over Bigland way, so Old Billy left to go to Bigland, walking over the fell and stopping there the night with a nephew of Young Billy (SD30).

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