On p31 and 32 of Roger Wardale's book "In search of Swallows & Amazons" there are some age details which Ransome wrote while planning S&A. They are also given by Christina Hardyment (CFT p22), who also gives the proposed age of Tom Dudgeon as 12 or 13 (CFT p123).

The first version is as follows:-

Swallows: Dick (scored out) John 12, Susan 10, Titty 8, Roger 6.

Amazons: Jane 13, Mary (proper name Ruth) 12, Tom 3.

Vic (Vicky) does not count 1 1/2. Parents to Amazons: Smith (scored out) Walker. Mother of the Swallows: Smith. The Houseboat Man: Turner.

Then there is a new version:-

Swallows: John 12, Susan 10, Titty 9, Roger 7, Victoria (Bridget) 1 1/2.

Amazons: Jane (scored out) Nancy 13, Mary (scored out) Peggy 12, Tom 3.

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